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Are you a candidate for telecommuting?

Roll out of bed at the crack of noon, walk up your hallway for your 60 second commute to your home office, that is 2 minutes if you stop on the way for a cup of home brewed coffee.  Fire up the laptop and go through the office e-mail over a homemade salad from your own kitchen.

Sounds like a Dream Job?  It is.  Computers and the Internet have enabled millions of people to enjoy the benefits of working at home.  Whether you are in business for yourself or bring your job home from the office, it can truly be on your terms.

This website is for women who have decided they want to make their own decision about the way they spend their time and the amount of freedom they desire in their own lives.  Never want to answer to a boss again?  Then look for a Work At Home Job.  Feel like you need to be on a salary? Read up on our links to educate yourself as to how to approach your employer with a compelling case about bringing your job home.  If you're thinking of proposing to your boss that working from home is a good idea, experts say, you'll clearly need more than just a laptop and a phone. Equally essential are the right attitude, the right reasons and the right job.

If telecommuting works right, the benefits flow both ways: workers have more control over their lives and more time with their families while employers have a more productive workforce.

If you decide to have your own business, the links herein will assist you in setting up your home office, list benefits of working from home, along with providing some of the best opportunities out there in the marketplace!

Why Work From Home?

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Tele-Commute Work!

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